Local Events
There are unlimited numbers and types of local events, including charity functions, social organizations, business associations, or, generally, any local gathering where participants want to network.

Why Most Events Need Great Networking
Most local organizations are all about networking. Why not provide your attendees with what they really want a fast and easy way to meet with the people they're most interested in, and an organized system for following up and staying in touch. The NetworkingMatch system is available for online usage before, during and after your events. Participants can access other's profiles, contact them, and even participate in an online group discussion!

Enhance Your Events with NetworkingMatch
Whatever you're planning, NetworkingMatch can help! Kick-off your events with a fast and fun speed networking session; or if you're having a sit-down meal, the NetworkingMatch system will create table assignments based on mutual interest, rather than sheepishly looking for an empty seat. In addition, we'll set up a private online community for your organization that your participants can access before, during or after your events. With NetworkingMatch, your attendees will be more satisfied than ever before with their event experience and the contacts they makewhich is the ticket to keeping your membership growing!

NetworkingMatch draws from the vast experience of our 8minuteDating division, the world leader in local singles events. With more than 4,000 events under our belt, we have the expertise to make your event a success. We can help your group find a venue, train your event hosts, and run a fun and exciting business networking event that will establish many lasting business relationships.
Get started now and make your next event a resounding success!

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