Conference Organizers
As a conference organizer, your challenge is to maximize attendance, optimize the event experience and ensure that your sponsors and participants achieve the ROI they need to attend your next event. NetworkingMatch can help you achieve those goals!

Why Structured Networking
is Key to Your Success

People no longer need to travel to your events for content alone because the internet now provides high quality information in a timely manner. But people MUST attend in-person events for the opportunity to meet the right people. Will prospective customers choose YOUR event that provides a structured way for them to meet the people they want to meet, or will they choose your competitor's event where they have to squint at name badges while hoping to meet someone who can help them?

Encourage Earlier Sign-ups
Attendees are signing up later and later, and why shouldn't they? Most people are not motivated by small price differences, but they will sign up sooner if they know they'll have a better chance of meeting the people they're most interested in. The NetworkingMatch seating assignment algorithm gives priority to those who sign up sooner. You can use this as an incentive to encourage your attendees to sign up right away, which can be a big stress reliever for you!

Increase Sponsor Revenue
NetworkingMatch sessions can help sponsors meet the right attendees, and lots of them! The NetworkingMatch system can also arrange for sponsors to sit with a table full of interested prospects, such as at a meal.

Provide an efficient, effective and enjoyable networking experience and your events will prosper for years to come!

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