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Why Students Need Networking
Most students are not "hip" to the benefits of networking, so they graduate knowing far fewer people than they could or should have. Imagine if each semester students have one-on-one conversations with 20 people who they otherwise would never have met, and then keep notes about each person they meet. They'd know at least 160 more people by the time they graduate, which would greatly enhance their collegiate experience and their lifetime after graduation. The NetworkingMatch system will help your students get connected, and have a lot of fun doing it!

Increase Alumni Involvement
Active alumni are more likely to give back. Including NetworkingMatch at your events will increase attendance (85% of alumni are more likely to attend an alumni event that includes NetworkingMatch) and greatly enhance your alumni's experience (average event rating: 4.1 on a 5 point scale). By providing a fun and easy way for your alumni to really connect with one another, you will create a more active and vibrant alumni community.

You can add NetworkingMatch to your events quickly and easily. Optimize your next event - contact us today!



Columbia Business School Boston Area Alumni
Caliterra Restaurant, Boston, MA
Columbia University's Executive MBA Program
On Campus Event - New York, NY
Columbia University's MBA students and Alumni
Times Square Westin Hotel - New York, NY

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